Peper Automobile Co. Hydrogen Cars and Solar Energy Fuel Stations

2006 H-Racer Sport Touring Car

Hydrogen Gas Solar Energy Service Station Fuel Pump

All cars and gas pumps in stock for immediate delivery (allow 1 month taking orders for 2010 models). Prices include all taxes, delivery, destination and handling.

Complete 0 fuel cost package. Both 2006 H2 Racer and H2 Gas Pump (Save $22) = $102
2006 H2 Racer (for multiple car families) = $62 --- H2 Gas Pump (for H2 producers) = $62

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Inquire about free H2-Racer test drive, Hydrogen generation and fueling demonstrations.

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Riversimple H2 Car $315/month includes fuel

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Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles for U.S. Army U.S. Department of Energy Awards $100 Million in Fuel Cell R&D - October 24, 2006 USA DOE
eager to see hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road in the near future.

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