$12 Automotive Scan Tool for Androidâ„¢ with all vehicles plus extra manufacturer support.
No Adds, No Additional Charges, No Internet.
Enhanced support for brake and body servers, includes device controls.
Read and record data, read and clear trouble codes, view and perform tests.
Real Time Plots, Gauges, Statistics, Elasped Times, Sound, Alarms, Fuel Economy, Accelerations.
With ELM 327 Blue Tooth OBDII Adapter, 0ptional MindWave Brain headset.

Manufacture Specific Apps Pontiac Grand Prix $12
Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra $12

All OBD-2 : status, data, code, clear and tests with ELM 327 Blue Tooth Adapter
ACCEL : Acceleration Motion G Force Sensors with device using Androidâ„¢
EEG : Brain Wave Focus and Power data with Mind Wave Headset

Select START
For first run, plug ELM-327 Blue Tooth Adapter into vehicle OBD-2 connector located under dash.
In Android Settings-Blue Tooth, check for OBDII in Available Device list.
If OBDII listed in Paired Device list, select Unpair. Use name OBDII
Pair with OBDII device listed in Android Blue Tooth Settings, ID 1234.
In Car Code App, Press START and "Wait for Blue Tooth Logging In..." Pair again if Android requested.

VIN : Vehicle Identification Number
Select "obd2" Year 2005+ supported by ALL-OBD2 vehicles
Select "manuf" For All GM VIN and extra identifications.
CID : "obd2" Calibration Identification Numbers
CVN : "obd2" Calibration Verification Numbers
Select "Engine" for various obd2 server responses or Manufacture request. Engine, Trans, Brake, Body...

Select "PLAY" to Replay scan using forward and back buttons. One >, real-time >> or fast >>>
Select "FILE" to explore data. All scans or saved by default, in year-month-day-24hr.time format

DATA page will list all supported real-time data items. Select a item and press START.

Car Code Plot

PLOT will plot selected item. "Auto" or "Man" scaling.
X10 power scales. R4 ranges.
1s/d seconds per division time scales.
N4 power digital read out

Real-time "Sound' or "Alarm". Auto" or "Man" scaling.
X10 power scales. R4 ranges.
G4 Gauges for dispaly
D2 Dash Displays
N4 power digital read out

"Value" or "Rate" per Sec. Select and realtime display.
"Avg" Total "1" or "10" second rolled interval.
"Std Dev" or "Error", Total sample count.
"Min" or "Max". "Prob" probability of Minimum or Maximum. "Limits" of Range. Scale Resolution.
"Set" Set Audio Alarm and Dash Red Lines for Minimum or Maximum
"Dist" Displays Histogram Bar chart of percent probability

Changes Unit of selected item

Sets Desired sample interval of selected item.
Resolution, Actual and mS, Hz, Sec, or Min unit select

Elasped Time lap Start Stop Set "Ch2" two channel Stop Watch.
"Last", "Avg", "Min", or "Max"

Move selected item to "Top" or perform search listing

Displays "OBD2", "form" Distance, and Fuel equations,"manf" manufactuer, "sens" acceleration, "EEG"

0-Light Off
Displays total number of Current OBD-2 trouble codes from all emission servers.
Select to Request. Select "obd2" or "manuf". If manuf. select a server "Engine.."
Select "Current", "Pending" or "Hard" and Press Request
Select copy for paste to another App

1-Not Ready
Indicates status of OBD-2 evaluations to determine trouble code. Since last Code Clear
"Not Ready" and "Completed" listings

Provides data list of items when trouble code was set

Used to verify emission monitoring number of "Conditions" for start and "Completions" of a Test
Expressed as number "Ratio" or "Percent"

Select and Press "Clear" to Clear

Provides listing of testing results to determine a OBD-2 trouble code.
Select "manuf" and a "Engine.." server for manufacturer Device Test and Control.

OBD-2 Connector

App supports ELM-327 Blue Tooth OBDII adapter
New Version. Each tested before ship.
Fast Pair Connect, and Data Rates.
50 foot range.
Super Bright Status LED's.

GM 2001 Silverado and GMC Sierra 6.6L Duramax Diesel

Supported Servers
Engine, Trans, Transfer Case, ABS, Suspension, Air Bag, Body, Climate, Dash, Instrument, Seat and Theft
Real Time Data and Device Control Tests for Engine, Transmission and Automated Brake Systems
Injector timing, balance rates and pressures with control settings.
Allison transmission fluid temperature,shift adaption pressures
Brake real time data and bleed activation.
Fail Record and Freeze Frame. Trouble code read and clear for 12 computers including airbag.
Get it on Google Play

Haynes Duramax Diesel Engine Techbook for 2001-2012 Chevrolet GMC Trucks Vans 6.6 liter 402 cu in Turbo Diesel

1999 GM Silverado and GMC Sierra 5.3L Vortec

Supported Servers
Engine-Trans, ABS, Air Bag, Body, Climate, Dash, Instrument, Theft and On-Star
Real time knock retard, misfire, torque, injector pulse, cam signals.
Crankshaft CASE learn, injector drop control.
Transmission fluid temperature, shift times and errors.
Fail Record and Freeze Frame.
Brake wheel speeds and bleed activation.
Trouble code read and clear for 8 computers including airbag.
Get it on Google Play

Haynes Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra: 1999 Thru 2006/2WD-4WD (Haynes Repair Manual)

GM 1997 Pontiac GTP SuperCharged 3.8L

Supported Servers
Power Train Engine and Transmission.
Real Time Data and Device Control.
Super Charger Boost Control
Knock Retard, Injector Pulse, Misfires.
Cylinder Contribution Cut Drops.
Crank Shaft Variation Learn CASE
Transmission Shift Times, Adaption Pressures, Fluid Temperature.
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App supports NueroSky Mindwave Mobile 2 Blue Tooth EEG Headset.
Attention Status Alarms.
60 Hz real time brain voltage.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta Power Spectrums
NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2: Brainwave Starter Kit


How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners (Motorbooks Workshop) by Tracy Martin (2015-08-01) Automotive Scan Tool PID Diagnostics: Diagnostic Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems

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